Monday, May 17, 2010

Jay's Birthday Letter and a Recipe for Cat Stew

My husband Jay celebrated his birthday with the family recently.  Kelsey decided to she was going to write her step-father a card.  I thought it worth sharing:

Hey there old man, so today's your you're old....geez...well there's always an up side to getting old.  It means that if you act crazy and a little bit out there then no one will really mind 'cause they're just like, "Hey, he's old, he deserves to act crazy."  Now don't you feel better about being old? :)  No?  Yeah I didn't think so.

Well at least you've got a loving family...and a whole bunch of cats.  Hey, at least you'll never be lonely and soon enough we'll have so many cats in the house that I'm sure Mommy won't notice if a few "accidentally" disappear into a pot of water on the stove.  There ya go.  I just totally gave you a genius recipe, Cat Stew.  Brilliant, right?  Anyways I hope you have a great birthday and if you don't....I blame the cats because they can't talk back and argue with me when I blame them.  See they are good for something!  :-D 

Sooooo...why are you still reading this?  Sheesh seriously you probably have something way better to do so stop reading this dang card!  Haha.  I love you and Happy Birthday.

Recipe for Cat Stew:

  • 1 fresh cat (the meaner the cat, the better the taste)
  • some table salt
  • some butter
  • some vegetables
  • a fork, a knife, a plate, a napkin
  • and one huge appetite

Love, Kelsey Marie (the only)

The Birthday Boy studying the legal ramifications inflicted by his wife in the event that he follows Kelsey's recipe.


  1. I love it! And, to me, Jay seems so young!

  2. It's nice to see you have posted such a flattering picture of the birthday boy. He is rocking that bed head look.

    As for the recipe, the tradition involves cooking the cat with sprigs of thyme. That way, if you find the kitty being cooked you can rescue it just in thyme.

    Kelsey should be careful with her remarks though. It might kill her career as a chef. Beppe Bigazzi on the Italian cooking show La Prova del Cuoco, was dropped from the show after offering up a recipe for stewed cat.