Friday, September 11, 2009

UPS Emails

The following is a series of email exchanges between one of our kittens "UPS" and his future feline housemates, Baxter and Bowdoin. UPS was mentioned in a previous blog which featured the service dog he now lives with, Logan.

It is this kind of obsessive attitude that convinces me that not only are my kittens going to the best homes possible, but that there are crazier animal lovers than I am.

I've color-coded the text so it's easier to tell who's who and included all sorts of adorable photos.

Sent: Sunday, June 07, 2009 7:29 PM
Subject: From Baxter and Bowdoin

Dear UPS,

Thought we'd send you a picture of our new cat tree on the screenporch. We love it, it overlooks the bird feeder. There's space for one more - you! Can't wait to meet you and have you join the BT (brown tabby) Boys!

Baxter and Bowdoin(Fred and Diva too)

On Sun, Jun 7, 2009 at 9:53 PM, UPS> wrote:

Dear Baxter and Bowdoin,

It looks like a fun place to hang out! I hope that our parents don't get all us brown tabbies confused and start calling us "Baxbowups."

Of course, I'll be the more handsome one so I hope you two can adjust to being the side-kicks. :-)


Sent: Monday, June 08, 2009 9:05 PM
Subject: Re: From Baxter and Bowdoin

Dear UPS,

You have quite the attitude for such a young one! We'll have to put you in your place before you get too big for us to do so! After all, what are brothers for? ;-) Hey, that's right, you wouldn't know as you have all sisters!

Don't worry, mom will be able to tell us all apart. When Fred's real brother Nile was around people would say they look so much alike, how can you tell them apart? Mom thought that was funny because they looked very different to her and she could even tell who was talking without seeing them.

Have you met the giant yellow funny looking cat yet? I think they call them dogs. We have one here too. Every time we knock a pen or something off the counter she will pick it up and bring it to mom. That's her job. We don't have jobs. Except to look cute and purr. Like that's hard!

Your BT Boys bros Baxter & Bowdoin

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 8:00 AM, UPS> wrote:

Dear B & B,

You think I need brothers? Well, they will be a welcome change after living with all these crazy girls! We’re just learning to walk and already I can tell they are the bosses. If I try to fight back, they’ll just all gang up on me saying something like “Girl Power” so I try to keep a low profile.

We have a few weeks until we get to go downstairs and face the other dangerous creatures that I’ve heard about who live here. I hear a loud barking noise from time to time. When that happens, I cringe because the noise is scary, but Mommy goes to the window to look and see who’s here. I think the barking is a doorbell or an alarm or something.

My cat Mommy says she’s retired from showing and her only job now is to be a good mommy. Of course, now that she’s been published, she feels extra special. She shows us her picture in the book and on the famous photographer Helmi Flick’s website and reminds us of how she “used to be somebody.” She likes to do that when we get on her nerves. My Mom, the Supermodel.
(Note: click here to see the book UPS is talking about that pictures his mother, Myra)


Dear UPS Man,

We are all anxiously awaiting your arrival! Bowdoin is ready to give up being the baby, he got "nootered" a few weeks ago. Mom said that you will already be "nootered" when you come home. Did it go OK?

Have you met the big yellow uglycat yet? What did you think? We have one here too and she is very nice, good to cuddle with. She'll be going with Mom and Dad to pick you up. Her photo from the modeling gig for Orvis just got released...

Mom says that she desperately needs photos of you 'cause the age you're at is the cutest! She hopes she gets one of the infamous Dracoonfly kittens at the stair rail photos (hint, hint) but she'll take what she can get!


The BT Boys
Baxter, Bowdoin, Fred (and little sis Diva)

Hi Baxter and Bowdoin,

Bowdoin, you are such a baby! I just got “clipped” today and it didn’t hurt a bit! I’m ready to go home this weekend if someone wants to come get me. My Mom will be at a cat show in Fitchburg, Mass this weekend if ya’ll want to come there if that’s easier (My mom is speaking funny after returning from South Carolina).

The big yellow uglycat has a funky looking tail, but she’s okay after you get used to her smell.

We just got the new PC going today so after Mom has a chance to catch up on things, I’m sure she’ll be doing the Kittens in the Railing photo.



UPS Man with his UPS bandanna and his new mom, Suzan.

UPS is now called Angus King and has made himself at home with Baxter, Bowdoin and the "big yellow uglycat", Logan.