Friday, February 5, 2010

Response from Mister Duncan MacBeth

Dear Sharon,

Hello! Mom and Dad just read your blog and were thoroughly surprised to find the story of my re-naming on there. They were just as delighted, however, to see my photo and to fondly recall that that's how I looked when they came to adopt me all those years ago. In fact, they're currently celebrating my sixth birthday - and making far too big a deal of it, if you ask me.

But my, how I've grown. I am enormous, in the most attractive way. Though Sadie has the biggest attitude I've ever come across, I trump her when it comes to sheer density (Editor's note: Sadie is Duncan's slightly older feline sister from another litter). Mom and Dad have been working for months now to regulate my diet, and I suppose I'm a little svelter than when they started, but the truth is this. I. LOVE. FOOD.

I also love Dad's music, and one of my favorite things to do is curl up in his guitar case (it's lined with the coolest purple fur!) while he's playing guitar. And I love sunshine and the dining room rug, and having my bedroom all to myself when Sadie is otherwise occupied.

Mom and Dad keep fawning over the fact that I'm six years old - I'm just yawning. I mean, what's in a number, anyway? Unless, of course, we're counting snacks (Feline Greenies rule!), in which case, I'm all over that kind of keeping score. As I alluded to earlier, they've gotten much stingier when it comes to kibbles and treats, but I'm inclined to make the best of a trying situation. After all, I've managed to co-exist with Sadie for all this time.

Well, I've got another nap to take, so I'll sign off - but not before wishing you, Jay and everyone at Dracoonfly a very happy weekend.


Mister Duncan MacBeth=

My reply to Duncan:

Well hello Birthday Boy! So good to hear from you! I love your note so much I'd like to use it for my next blog. I'd forgotten what a good writer you (and Sadie) are.

You know, one way to trim the pounds for kitties of your caliber is to eat less dry food (too many carbs) and eat more canned food. Do you like canned food? If so, then maybe Mom and Dad can mix a tablespoon of a special treat called Metamucil in it. It's yummy and will help you lose weight safely without feeling hungry.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. BTW, Sadie's half-birthday is tomorrow...she'll be 6 1/2. Try to be a nice little brother. Give Sadie a headbutt for me and my best to your Mom and Dad.



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  1. Aside from diet recommendations, it's good to know that the cats from Dracoonfly have received a proper education and can write so well. Most of the kitties I run across can barely string 2 sentences together and spend most of their time saying not much more than "Meow". When I read such fine sentiments from Duncan MacBeth, it gives me hope for the future.