Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mysticats Show

This past weekend I took 3 cats and Jay's granddaughter Amanda to the cat show in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The show was being held in the hockey rink of Fitchburg State College; not a bad setting to hold a cat show as long as you're prepared for the underground coolness and dress accordingly.

The cats, Kinsey, Trifle and our new boy, Quill, had their pictures taken by cat photographer Helmi Flick. Helmi took photos of Kinsey's mother, Myra, in 2007 and has her featured on her blog as well as pictured on her new business card.

Kinsey the Reluctant
So how nice to be able to have Helmi, who lives in Texas, at a northeast show so we can get the next generation, right? Wrong. Try as hard as Helmi and her husband Ken the Cat Wrangler did, Kinsey was very upset and refused to relax. She reminded me of my teenage daughter who will work herself into the worst mood if she isn't getting her way. She wasn't mean, but lay there like a curled up blob, trying to leave the table if possible. If looks could kill.....So Kinsey isn't destined to be a Super Model like her mother. We got some beautiful photos by Helmi of the other cats so be sure to check out their pages on the website.
Cow, Carlos, Ess-C and Alice in their show tent

Amanda and Moo Cow
Margie and Phil brought up their litter of 14 week old kittens to have their photo session with Helmi before going to their new home. Click here to check out the Helmi photos on MaineVu's website. We had fostered this litter from the time they were a couple of days old until 8 weeks because their mother didn't have enough milk. It was wonderful to see them one last time, especially Moo Cow, the black and white looking brown tabby. I think she's technically a brown ticked tabby with high white. Cow was such a funny looking kitten and now she's blossomed into a beautiful girl, declared by many to be pick. Oh well, she's already sold as a pet. Her new name will be Lola, but to me she's always Moo Cow.

The black smoke kitten, Ess-C came home with us for a while. Margie and Phil want to show her until she's an adult then give her back so they don't risk the possibility of their male Jack, breeding Ess-C. He's her dad and we don't want to go all West Virginian with the cats. We want to keep Ess-C accustomed to our home so that when she does come to stay permanantly, the transition will be easier. So Ess-C will stay in Connecticut a couple of weeks, then go to New York, then back here in-between shows or whenever I can talk Margie into letting me borrow her again.

Amanda with Ess-C

Ess-C's name stands for Ebony Smoke Signals Creole. Her registered name is MaineVu Smoke Signals of Dracoonfly. Ebony was Marge and Phil's black rescue cat who died shortly before Ess-C was born, at almost 21 years of age. Creole was my black domestic short hair who died a couple of years ago at age 14 from kidney failure. We pronounce it "Essie".
This was the 3rd cat show Amanda's been to with me and the first overnighter. Kelsey used to do all the shows with me, even Tyler did occasionally in the beginning. But both are too cool to spend their weekends hanging out with Mommy and her cat friends now. Amanda is a joy to have around; she helps out when I ask, and loved walking Quill around in the showhall. A lot of cat fanciers aren't crazy about seeing kids at a cat show because if they are loud, it scares the cats. But Amanda seemed to win everybody's heart. It was also a great opportunity for her to get a break from her overbearing 4-year-old brother Benjamin. Plus, Ben got to spend extra alone time with his Granddaddy Jay without the sister competition. Their mother Erin is the one who really got the break. So although my cats only got one rosette, the people involved came out as winners.
With Quill
Amanda and her buddy Quill

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  1. When the kids are too old and surly, go to the granddaughter for fun and frivolity.

    As for why a Texas cat would be upset and refuse to relax at a northeast show, I would think the answer is obvious. None of those northeastern cats have a proper accent. Meow, y'all!