Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Chicks Are One Week Old

Although the names haven't been assigned yet, they have been chosen. Chicks change dramatically as they morph into full-fledged hens so we'll probably wait until their feathers come in and hope we can tell them apart by then. Kelsey chose the names for the 4 Americaunas - Fea, Flow, Fenix, and Foster. That breed tends to vary in color so we can tell the Americaunas apart, more or less. I did a search for redneck girl names (yes, there is such a category) and came up with Bobbie Sue, Earlene, Georgette, Larlene, Shaneyney and Daisy Mae for the 6 Silver Spangled Hamburgs.

The chicks are doing well; eating, drinking, pooping and growing. Yesterday I tried to clean poop off the butts of some of them (called "pasting up" in chicken terms). Yes, my world seems to still revolve around poop. As I held a chick in one hand, I tried to get the poop stuck on her feathers off with a wet paper towel. When that didn't work, I resorted to clipping it off with a pair of small scissors. The chick peeped quite loudly in protest. She peep-screamed. Amazingly, the cats came running. They genuinely seemed concerned the same way they do over a distressed kitten. Olivia even tried to take the chick from me. I honestly don't know if her maternal instincts told Olivia to save the distressed chick or if the loud peeping aroused her primal instincts to kill. It was an interesting reaction though. The cats have accepted the chicks and enjoy watching them but not with the same predatory intensity as when they watch birds and squirrels at the outside feeders.

Here are some new photos I took today.
An Americauna Chick

Foster, the blond Americauna chick and the most recognizable one so far

A Silver Spangled Hamburg

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