Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mother-Daughter Matching

When my sister Diana and I were little, our mother bought or sewed matching dresses for us and once she made dresses for all three of us. Diana and I are two years apart in age, but didn't look that much alike except that we were your typical adorable little girls. Diana was born with blond hair and I have always been a brunette so it was easy to disown each other.
Likewise, when my kids were little, I tried to match them for Christmas photos. Since mine are two different genders, I gradually moved to getting Tyler a green shirt and a matching one in red for Kelsey. Then I found Fresh Produce dresses in Mystic. Kelsey and I looked so cute in our little matching dresses. By that time, Tyler was into his own look and resisted my suggestions to get a shirt to match his mom and sister.
But those days are gone. Kelsey is almost 14 years old and quite frankly, I'd be worried if she wanted to dress like me now. She makes fun of my clothes, my hair, my face, my everything. Too bad she looks so much like me....the poor girl is doomed.
This past weekend, Jay, Kelsey and I went to the Virtu Art Festival in nearby Westerly, Rhode Island. We had gone last year but didn't allow enough time to canvas all of Wilcox Park so I planned to spend the whole day there this year. The art festival is outdoors among gorgeous flower gardens and trees that must be a few hundred years old. The artists are painters, photographers, jewelers, crafters, musicians.....all forms of art. I found the vendor who makes headbands from last year. She also makes belts, dog collars and leashes out of various fabric prints.
Kelsey pointed out that Chardonnay needed a new collar. Every few years, we give up on bleaching and washing the doggy and deer poo smell out of her collar and invest in a new one. So what could be better than to get Chardonnay a unique aqua collar with sunflowers that matched a headband for me? The kids call it "gay" but who cares? Chardonnay doesn't give me an attitude or make fun of me.

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  1. Too bad she looks so much like me....the poor girl is doomed.-

    What? I thought you were wonderful and beautiful. That's the rumor anyway. I don't know who started it.

    As for dressing like your pet, there is a word for it, but "gay" is not it.