Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn Greetings from Sadie

Baby Duncan

Dear Reader,

Several years ago when I first started breeding Maine Coons, I was fortunate to sell a female brown patched and white kitten to a wonderful couple, Kristin and Russ.  They named her Sadie.  The following year, Kristin and Russ got a red & white male kitten from me whom they named Duncan.  Sadie and Duncan, like many pets, are loved like human children.  Kristin is a very creative cat-mom and occasionally touches base with me through Sadie's eyes.  The following is an email I recently received from Sadie that still has me smiling:

Baby Sadie

Hello, Sharon - and howdy to all of our friends at Dracoonfly,

Miss Sadie May here. It's that time of year again...the humidity's gone, Duncan and I have more spring in our step, we leave more hair on the floor and rug and furniture, and with the holidays approaching, we begin contemplating the many things our humans have to be grateful for (namely, us).

There's lots of activity in the yard during the day - squirrels, chipmunks, birds, falling leaves - to help keep our sentry skills sharp. Though we weren't much help to Mom when she came nearly nose to nose with a black bear in the driveway a few weeks back. He came walking across the driveway toward the front porch like he was about to ring the bell, just as Mom was about to head inside after getting something out of the car. Not sure who was more scared - but he didn't stick around long, and when Mom came back in, she said a prayer for all the felines whose owners don't keep them inside, followed by a few rather colorful words of judgement.

Health-wise, we're doing great. Mom wrote a while back about Duncan's back leg, which has been fine ever since the naturopathic vet treated it homeopathically. Oh, the miracles of ancient science and the natural world. I think he's even dropped a few pounds since he's become more active.

Mom thinks I'm oblivious to the fact that she's been fawning over pictures of Ophelia on your website, but I'm laying down the gauntlet. If she contacts you on the sly, the answer is unequivocally NO. My patience is tried daily by you-know-who; I certainly don't need the added strain of a spunky little upstart trying to take over the joint, no matter how cute she is. I do like her name a lot, but let's keep that 'tween us girls.

Anyway, sometimes at night, Mom will read your blogs to all of us like a bedtime story. You've got quite a knack for story telling, that's for sure.

Duncan asked me to pass along his best regards to you... we both wish you, Jay, Kelsey, Tyler and all the four-leggeds a great Fall season.


 Miss Sadie May

Mister Duncan MacBeth

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  1. It's always good when the kittens leave the nest and still take the time to write back. There are those who say cats have no language skill and shouldn't be encouraged, but I think Miss Sadie May has shown the naysayers what's what.