Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bugger's Fame

I was finally able to pick up the January issue of Cat Fancy Magazine a couple of weeks ago.  I don't subscribe to it, but since my 7-year-old stud cat, Woolly Bugger, is pictured on the back cover promoting Arm & Hammer Cat Litter, I've been stalking the magazine racks, flipping through the collection at Borders and any pet supply store.  Bugger's ad has also been reported to appear in other magazines as well; Health, Family Circle, Country Living and People.  Of course, when I showed His Highness the ad, Bugger simply pushed it aside.  I was blocking his food dish and the big boy has his priorities straight.

Bugger's intense glare earned him the name of "Spike" from Arm & Hammer

A couple of questions have come from those who have seen Bugger's portrayal of "Spike", a tough-looking cat who denies that his "stuff" stinks, presumably because Arm & Hammer is that powerful a litter.  First, no we don't use that brand.  I did buy a box after we did the photo shoot in June, just to see if I was missing out on a good product that costs less than World's Best Cat Litter.  Well, guess what?  My cats' stuff still stinks, and the odor of urine became more obvious with Arm & Hammer after a few days and overpowered the deodorizer in the litter.  Not worth it in my multi-cat household.  I went back to World's Best and Agways Pine Pellet Horse Bedding (similar to Feline Pine but less expensive at Agway). 

Another question is whether I really put a collar on my cat.  No, I don't do cat collars, nor do I recommend them for indoor cats.  That was Photoshopped in with the overly full litter box.  Collars aren't a bad thing if it has a quick-release closure, but it damages the fur around the neck of a long-haired cat.  A collar mark would only raise eyebrows at a cat show. 

Bugger at home, answering fan mail

The last question I get was how much money Bugger made.  As I blogged about in Kitty Spotlight originally after we did the photo shoot, the $250 check I finally received was offset by the $115 parking ticket I found on my car that day.  The net profit pays for about two week's worth of cat food and litter at my house.

I have enjoyed my cat's moment of relative fame, of course, but it seems the owners of his many offspring have also.  Bugger has been breeding for over 6 years and has produced 129 kittens.  He gets all the fun and glory, but doesn't have to pay child support.  My kitten buyers have been the ones reporting back to me if Bugger's ad has been spotted in a new magazine.  Nino is a year-and-a-half old daughter of Bugger owned by Lauren and Michael who sent me this response to their cat's famous sire.

I have no idea how long Arm & Hammer will keep "Spike" in  print, but I hope it'll be quite a while because this is kind of fun.  If you happen to see the ad, please let me know which magazine and issue it's in.

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  1. Isn't there some kind of rule that the celebrities actually have to use the product they endorse?