Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Day at the Races

Last weekend, Jay and I visited friends Jo-Ann and her husband Chris in upstate New York.  The stated purpose behind our visit was to retrieve my cat Olivia, who has been there for the past several weeks to be bred.  Jo-Ann and Chris proposed that we spend Saturday in Saratoga, about an hour away from them.  Game to an adventure that involved horses, we agreed.  I had not been to a horse race in 25 years.

Jo-Ann put together a lovely spread involving cheeses, figs, Italian bread, mimosas, etc. and we got there around 7 am to sit in someone else's box seat.  This is allowed before the races start in the afternoon.  As we dined, a commentator told us about the horses passing by to warm up on the track, muddy from the previous day's downpour.  Later, Jay and I took a tour of the stable area behind the scenes while Chris and Jo-Ann secured seats in the grandstand so we could have shelter from the sun.  While waiting for post time, we walked into downtown Saratoga to window shop and get lunch. 

Morning Warm Up
By post time at 1 pm, it was a sweltering summer day, unusually hot for upstate New York.  The weather was around 95 degrees with a humidity that required the wiping of perspiration from one's face every five minutes.  We were sweating from places that shouldn't be sweating.  Jo-Ann and I sat in the two seats behind our husbands, me in my big hat I'd purchased in a Saratoga shop.  One thing I noticed once the crowds came in was that even in this era of casual dress, the women were dressed beautifully.  I now had the styling race-track hat, but I certainly wasn't wearing the designer dress and 5-inch heels.   

Jo-Ann and I

The men were off somewhere trying to locate the paper that told about each horse so Jo-Ann and I decided to place a bet blindly.  She bet on the horse in the green silks and I on Number 7, both to show.  Not very scientific, but we did win something like $2.80.  Jay and Chris had more of an idea of how to place bets, so we encouraged them to take on the task later.  It was all very fun, albeit hot, watching the horses, the people, the races and just enjoying each other's company.  It was especially fun when our chosen horses started winning money for us. 

Then a young couple climbed the stairs, settling in their seats directly behind us.  The man was non-descript, dressed practically for a hot day at the races.  The woman was very attractive, blond hair, tan slim body, wearing a sculptured black dress and bright red stillettos.  Her diamond jewelry was in the shape of two horseshoes hooked together, a matching necklace and earrings.  She appeared to ooze class and money.

Since the men had to turn around to talk to us, it was probably them who noticed it first. 

"Look at the woman seated behind you."

I turned casually, facing her knees at almost eye-level.  Except I didn't see her knees.  She was sitting with her knees spread wide apart, her red bejeweled panties staring right back at me.  Yes, I clearly saw the rhinestones on her panties.  Apparently she was so hot  she didn't care about the stir she was causing in the rows in front of her as she aired her pretty panties.  Even if she got up to walk around between races, Miss Red Panties always sat back down in the same not-so-lady-like position.

Now giggling like adolescents, Jo-Ann and I had plenty of comments:

"At least they match her shoes."
"At least she's wearing panties."
"Jay, put your eyes back in your head."
"That reminds me, I need to make an appointment to see my gynecologist."

Trying not to be too obvious, we got a picture......
Jo-Ann Seated in Front of Miss Red Panties


  1. Like a rhinestone cowgirl
    Stretched out like a horse in a Saratoga horse race show
    Like a rhinestone cowgirl
    Getting pictures on a blog from people I don't even know
    And pictures taken by the phone

  2. Priceless..............