Friday, March 12, 2010

Your Face

My husband Jay is one of those people who truly never forgets a face. It helps him that he grew up in New London, worked for Electric Boat where almost everyone around here has worked at some point in their life, and is a Human Resources Director. I, on the other hand, have moved a lot and divided the first half of my childhood in Weaverville, NC and my teenage years in Ithaca, NY. I meet new people all the time, but I am not good at recalling faces.

Jay has run into acquaintances as far away as Cancun, Mexico. He even insisted that he recognized the family resemblance in our server at a local restaurant. I told him to drop it, the poor girl probably thought he was hitting on her. Turned out he knew her father as a child.

When Jay tried to excuse himself from attending my high school reunion a few years ago, I countered with, "Everyday with you is like going to your high school reunion."

Last weekend, I left for a cat show and gave Jay the task of dealing with a lady who was interested in buying our rooster and a hen for breeding. Good ol' Shanaynay had gotten too aggressive in the past couple of months, sneaking up and biting my legs and refusing to back down if I ran or kicked at him. I had taken up carrying a child's leaf rake with me around the chickens as that was the only thing Shanaynay respected. I didn't get chickens thinking I might be someday be afraid of them. I listed a breeding pair of Silver Spangled Hamburgs on Craigslist, figuring someone might be more likely to take two to breed than just a rooster to roast. Everyone has a rooster to get rid of. Mother Nature hatches 50% boys whereas humans really only need about 10% to keep flock harmony and proper procreation going. I had several inquiries from my ad, most just wanting the hen, but one person wanted a pair.

Jay was outside working in the yard with grandson Ben, when two ladies drove up in a pick-up truck. Michelle was interested in the chickens and she'd brought her friend Linda along for the ride. When Jay was introduced, he told Linda she looked familiar, did he know her from somewhere? Linda didn't recognize Jay so he dropped it. Then Linda saw Chardonnay, our Golden Retriever, looking out the window from inside the house. According to Jay, Linda didn't take her eyes off the dog, remarking, "You have a Golden Retriever. I breed Goldens." Jay said, "I know. You live in Windham Center and we got Chardonnay from you almost 9 years ago."

Chardonnay's breeder had never been one to try to keep in touch after we got her, but Linda was obviously thrilled to see her, tearing up when she came bounding outside. Chardonnay looks like her father, Tonka, who had died last year. Once again, Jay proved that he doesn't ever forget a face, even one that he only saw for about an hour, 9 years ago.

Jay ended up selling Shanaynay and two of the Hamburg hens. Even better since I've ordered 6 more chicks, each one a different breed, and we have more room for them now. They're expected to arrive at the post office next month.


  1. Mother Nature hatches 50% boys whereas humans really only need about 10% to keep flock harmony and proper procreation going.

    The first time I read this I thought you were making some off-hand comment about the percentage of men who were necessary. However, allow me to be offended on behalf of male chickenkind.

  2. Sharon, your post along with "Howard's" comment made me laugh out loud! I think you should look into publishing your blog in a book. I'd buy it!