Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Egg Effect

When I first began researching keeping chickens as a hobby, I remember reading about what to feed and what not to feed them. If you remember an earlier post about their reaction to certain foods, the famous "what the cluck" (WTC) expression at something undesirable, you may think they are picky. Apparently, they are picky as youngsters. Now that they are more mature, the chickens will eat just about anything, especially if there is nothing else to eat other than their pellet food. Jay denies it, but I know he has been feeding them leftovers with chicken as one of the main ingredients, but let's not go there.

A couple of foods that are not recommended to feed the chickens are onions and garlic because of the effect it can have on the taste of the eggs. Naturally, that started the pondering of what effect other foods might have on the eggs. I wondered if I could feed the chickens all the ingredients I would want in an omelet, would they lay a self-contained, cheese, pepper and tomato-flavored egg? So far, no luck with this experiment. Stay tuned for further research results.


  1. Looking at those egg colors makes me feel all Easter-y. If you fed the chickens those little marshmallow peeps, do you think they could make some Easter eggs? Or would that be too much like cannibalism? Jay could do it. He has no scruples about such things.

  2. Well, they do make rabbit-shaped peeps. I suppose that wouldn't be cannibalistic. I'll try it around Easter.

  3. And they also had snow man and santa peeps! What about chocolate? That would be fun!