Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Lion Cub for the Day

No, we didn't really get a lion cub; I just wanted to get your attention.

Suzan and John brought their service dog, Logan, with them last weekend to visit the kitten they are getting from us. Logan (shown below to the right of the lion) does all kinds of publicity and professional work because she's a very well-trained Golden Retriever. Logan demonstrated her service dog abilities by picking up Suzan's cane and bringing it to her. See more of Logan on her blog.

Ignore the dates on the photos; I didn't reset the date on my camera after recharging the batteries.

Logan brought her lion head costume so Chardonnay could borrow it for the photo shoot. We figured she already had the perfect lion tail and hair cut so why not exploit her look?

Chardonnay the Golden Lion


"Hey Dude! Logan! Where'd you go?"

A Golden is a Golden. Our cats didn't blink when Logan came in the house. Ray snuggled up to her immediately. Maybe Suzan and John will get a red Maine Coon next time......

UPS - The brown tabby going to live with Suzan, John, Logan and their other cats.

Check out UPS and his sisters on my Kittens Page


  1. Chardonnay has Logan beat on the lion look! A shaved tail beats a tail 3/4 wrapped (loosely) in Ace bandages. :)

    Can't wait to pick up our little Golden socialized UPS man next month! And yes, maybe our next Maine Coon will have to be a Golden shaded red one.

  2. Suzan, I changed the blog slightly and inserted one of the pictures you took. It'd be great if Chardonnay knew a command for the stalking position....does Logan know how to crawl or stalk?

    Regarding a red Maine Coon, you know what they say....Maine Coons are like potato can't have just one (or two)....

  3. Logan does have a crawl cue. Hugs to UPS man!